Stacey Kincaid Named to UW-W Athletics Hall of Fame

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Running has always been with me.

Stacey Hornickel-Kincaid, many know her as the first Race Director for the Discover Whitewater Series, working for the DWS allowed her to connect with her roots in the Whitewater community.

And now, Stacey was recently added to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s 2020 Athletics Hall of Fame Class. One reason people are inducted into the Hall of Fame is for their time on the track and field team at UW-W. There haven’t been any non-UW-W graduates inducted… until now.

Stacey was a Warhawk for three years, until she transferred to UW-Stout to graduate with a Retail Merchandising and Management degree. Throughout her three years at UW-W, Stacey participated in track and field, cross country, and volleyball. She attributes her success in athletics at Whitewater to the wonderful coaches and her teammates, who all worked together to help each other succeed.

When I’m having a good day, it makes it greater. When I’m having a bad day, it picks me up.

Stacey Hornickel-Kincaid

Stacey remains incredibly active and began participating in marathons in 2008, after having her first child. Being active is what centers her. It is one thing she says she will never take for granted. She starts most days with a run and even gets her family involved by participating in hikes, water sports, and so much more.

Nowadays, Stacey continues her community work and is currently working on a project to help farmers utilize ground-mounted solar energy instead of coal based energy. She enjoys doing work that adds value to the community and tries to focus her efforts on goals related to this. 

Read more on Stacey Kincaid and the UW-W Athletics 2020 Hall of Fame here.

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