Our 7th Annual Discover Whitewater Series was a great success! Thank you to our 380+ volunteers and 634 registrants! See you again on 9.20.20!

About The Discover Whitewater Series

The Discover Whitewater Series, a Half Marathon, 5K, and Fit Kid Shuffle (Kid’s Run) is held annually in Whitewater, Wisconsin every September. The race promotes the City of Whitewater and highlights its greatest features, along with encouraging a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

The Discover Whitewater Series race was initiated by the Greater Whitewater Committee, Inc. six years ago in September 2013. Thanks to the continued support and growing interest, the annual Discover Whitewater Series has proven to be a great success year after year. In six years, the Discover Whitewater Series has been able to distribute over $183,500 to five local organizations in efforts to build a stronger community. This would not have been possible without all the participants and volunteers of the race!

In addition to this challenging course and a well-organized event, the Discover Whitewater Series offers exclusive perks to all those involved. All participants receive and have access to:
*Finisher’s medal
*Free pancake breakfast provided by the Whitewater Breakfast Club on race day
*Free day pass to the Whitewater Aquatic Center and discounted day pass prices

Top overall Half Marathon finishers receive a purse prize (please visit our “Awards” page for more information).


Click here for 2019 race results.



Money Smarts with Bethel House

Bethel House is a local Whitewater charity that focuses on providing various forms of support to people in need.

At Bethel House, they understand that for families to be self-efficient, they need the skills to make well informed financial decisions. This is why Bethel House created “Money Well-Being: Taking charge of your finances and thriving.”

This is Bethel House’s new program that address issues specifically related to low income families. 

“We work with folks from our local banks to help create this six-lesson curriculum complete with videos and workbooks,” Bethel House board member Bev Bonge-Ganser explains. ” We’re excited to launch this new program in the fall.”

Help out Bethel House by registering for the DWS today!

Story of the Bethel House

DWS will also be dedicating Bethel House as this year’s non-profit organization. 

Bethel House was first created after a local doctor found out one of his patient had been living in a camper. Shortly after he started pulling together different churches and sought out to help Whitewater locals that were in need.

Today, Bethel house offers a variety of different services to those who are insolvent. Such services include temporary housing, debt repayment, budgeting, counseling, resume building, life skills development and more. 

“What I’ve learned is our phone number is people’s first call for help,” Bethel House board member Bev Bonge-Ganser said.

For families who are hitting a rough spot, Bethel House can be an instrumental turning point for them. The members of Bethel House work diligently to evaluate every person’s situation and specifically cater a plan that they feel will be the most beneficial to each applicant.

Help out Bethel House and register for the DWS today!