Story of Bethel House

Get Ready To Race!


DWS will also be dedicating Bethel House as this year’s non-profit organization. 

Bethel House was first created after a local doctor found out one of his patient had been living in a camper. Shortly after he started pulling together different churches and sought out to help Whitewater locals that were in need.

Today, Bethel house offers a variety of different services to those who are insolvent. Such services include temporary housing, debt repayment, budgeting, counseling, resume building, life skills development and more. 

“What I’ve learned is our phone number is people’s first call for help,” Bethel House board member Bev Bonge-Ganser said.

For families who are hitting a rough spot, Bethel House can be an instrumental turning point for them. The members of Bethel House work diligently to evaluate every person’s situation and specifically cater a plan that they feel will be the most beneficial to each applicant.