Call Bethel House for Support

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In addition to supporting seven residences for families facing homelessness, Bethel House provides a one-time monetary assist to families facing a financial bump in the road.  

Most of these assists are between $100-$400 toward a specific bill and allows the family to get over the hump and back on track.  Each month, depending on the availability of funds, Bethel House can assist 5-10 families with this type of support. 

For many families, a series of setbacks can lead them to call Bethel House for support.  These can include losing a job or getting reduced hours, a reduction in benefits such as Food Share, an illness or medical need, a car breaking down, or a divorce situation.  

For families living pay check to pay check, any of these circumstances can be devastating. Having Bethel House for support can be life changing.  For Bethel House, being a charity partner with DWS literally changes lives.​