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Thank you for supporting our participants!

As a spectator, you have the important job of cheering on ALL participants! It is no secret that runners will become tired along the course, but that is where you step in to keep them going! We love seeing all of our encouraging spectators around the course on race day.

For spectators at the finish line: We ask that you cheer participants from behind the fenced-in track, or find a seat in the grandstands. The finish line is located exactly on the 50 yard line, so you will be able to see all participants finish clearly from the stands. We ask that you do NOT enter into the fenced-in track, as runners will be receiving their medal and food, then exiting the track area themselves.

In a nutshell: be loud, cheer for everyone, don’t crowd the course, and have FUN!

Review our course page for more information on road closures, etc.