Meet Jen!

Jen is the team leader in charge of registration for the DWS. This includes managing, creating discount codes, supervising on-site registration and coordinating with various team leaders to ensure race day goes smoothly. 

Managing registration efficiently is important for both the participants and the team leaders. With Jen’s exceptional organization skills and motivation, she is the perfect person for the job! 

“When I first began to work on the Discover Whitewater Series Project in 2012 (when it was just a conversation) it was to represent W3 in a community partnership, however since then it has become so much more,” said Jen. “To me it is about changing lives no matter what role you play in DWS.”

Registration is the heart of the race. It is the step that participants take to start their journey with the DWS, and Jen is with them every step of the way. Her dedication to the race and all those involved has made an ongoing impression.

“I think of all the first-time participants who create training goals of participating in a 5k or half marathon, to those who want to earn another half marathon medal, to the fun energy of kiddos raring up and ready to go on the Fit Kid Shuffle start line wearing t-shirts that go down past their knees and animals painted on their faces, to ultimately the DWS Charity Partners that sometimes cannot even express their words of thanks and gratitude of how life changing the donations will bring to their organizations,” said Jen. “Changing lives is what we have done, and will continue to do. I am happy to be a part of the DWS journey with so many great people.”

The DWS is lucky to have Jen as a team leader and advocate. 

To meet Jen, regisiter for the 2019 DWS today!

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