Fort HealthCare – Title Sponsor

Fort HealthCare has recommitted as a DWS title sponsor for the seventh year in a row!

Striving to provide the best consistent health care, Fort HealthCare’s ambition is for their community to become the healthiest in Wisconsin.

Activity and fitness are considered preventive measures for fighting illnesses. Fort HealthCare understands that prevention, early detection and wellness provide the leading course of action for managing diseases.

This is why the Fort HealthCare team advocates that the public try and live their healthiest lifestyle and why they encourage their employees to participate or volunteer for the DWS.

The sponsorship from Fort HealthCare helps DWS support its five local Whitewater charity partners: Bethel House, Whitewater LEADS, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, Whitewater Unified School District and the J-Hawk Aquatic Club.

DWS is grateful for Fort HealthCare’s extended sponsorship. The DWS team looks forward to working alongside Fort HealthCare again in the future.

To learn more about Fort HealthCare click here and don’t forget to sign up for DWS!

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