2018 t-shirts are in!

This year’s race is dedicated to the sesquicentennial for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!

Our graphic designer, Alexandria Johnson, has created our shirts to represent that. We decided to put the 150th logo on the sleeve of every shirt and all the lettering will be purple.

We also have the half marathon and 5K in a purple dry fit shirt!

Check out the awesome shirt below and register for the 2018 DWS to get yours on race day!

Half Marathon & 5K


Volunteer & W3 Fit Kid Shuffle

V and FT

Kids Korral


2018 CARA certified


The Discover Whitewater Series is proud to announce its certification from the Chicago Area Runner’s Association (CARA). As a Cara certified race, our event is marketed to approximately 10,000 runners who are either member or train with CARA.

We are excited to have this certification! This is the 6th year the Discover Whitewater Series has been certified by Cara. There are only two races in Wisconsin that are certified and one of those happens to be the Discover Whitewater Series!

A parent voice from the Kids Korral


The Kids Korral is a FREE daycare service provided to all DWS participants.

The Kids Korral displays the unique character of the Discover Whitewater Series and the city.

It draws the attention of many runners and their families from surrounding areas and states, as many races around the nation do not provide this service.

“We really enjoyed the Kids Korral because we have done multiple races ranging from 5ks to half marathons and none of those races had this feature,” said Chris Cogbill, a parent and participant. “It was one of the reasons we came to the Discover Whitewater Series, knowing our kids had a place to go while being safe, entertained and cared for.”

While the parent(s)/guardian(s) are running either the half marathon, half marathon relay or the 5K, the children are cared for by the UW-Whitewater College of Education and Professional Studies and the student organization Creative and Resourceful Educators (CARE).

Parents have seen what CARE and UW-Whitewater’s College of Education and Professional Studies has done for their children while they were in Kids Korral.

Each and every volunteer has gone through a background check, so every child is safe on race day.

“There was less worry when my husband and I were running because we knew the kids were safe,” said Tara Miller, a DWS participant and parent. “They had other people to interact with, when it was time to leave the kids didn’t want to!”

Miller also commented on the smooth process from check in to pick up.

All children participating in the Kids Korral must register. The capacity is 70 children, six months to 10 years old for the Kids Korral.

Register your child today so they can run with the wind and have some fun during the DWS!

Bethel House, the race and the community


The Bethel House is an important organization in the Whitewater Community but not many know what they do.

The Bethel House provides interim housing for homeless families in Whitewater with children for up to one year. They assist families with utilizing various social services to transition them back to independent housing.

“It’s so well known in town, it means that often we have fewer cases of people becoming homeless because people know that there is someplace they can call,” said Board Vice President, Jim Winship. “Most communities our size don’t have that.”

Executive Director, Kristy Weinburg has made so many strides and has made continuous improvements to help the Bethel House and the community.

“Our rebuild program is new, it’s families learning to manage their money which includes budgeting, saving, things like that so that they’re in a better position in life,” said Weinburg.

The Discover Whitewater Series helps the community with having the opportunity to donate to organizations like the Bethel House.

“We couldn’t do a lot of what we do without the Discover Whitewater Series that has just been a blessing beyond,” said Board President, Bev Ganser.

The race has many supportive volunteers; they make all the difference when it comes to cheering on particpants and bringing together the community.

“We provide entertainment and we are big on signs throughout the route, that’s our big thing,” said Ganser.

The donation the Discover Whitewater Series is able to provide to the Bethel House and other organizations helps them grow and gain more ground as they have the funds to be able to do more.

“Having humorous signs and having balloons, having all that is just great,” said Winship. “We feel good about what we do, the community feels good about that.”

Donations can be made directly to Bethel House by contacting Kristy Weinburg or during registration.

UW-Whitewater 150th anniversary


2-color, Horizontal Centered Logo, JPEG format, best for digital or print usage.


The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s sesquicentennial, 150-year, anniversary is in 2018.

The 6th Annual Discover Whitewater Series will be dedicated to their 150th anniversary. All the DWS t-shirts will be a shade of purple and will contain the sesquicentennial logo.

The DWS team is thrilled to have the chance to share this anniversary with UW-Whitewater and show it off on race day. September 23 can’t come soon enough!

Volunteers talk Kids Korral


The DWS partners with the UW-Whitewater College of Education and Professional Studies and the student organization Creative and Resourceful Educators (CARE). Together they have created the Kids Korral.

The Kids Korral is a FREE daycare service provided to all DWS participants.

CARE brings student volunteers to help lead the Kids Korral on race day. All volunteers go through background checks prior to race day.

“The kids are a bundle of fun,” Alysa Rahn, UW-W senior and president of CARE said.

Alysa has volunteered with the DWS for two years. She mentioned how she has enjoyed seeing the different ages of children interact with each other.

After the children signed in with Heather Rynearson, UW-W junior and vice president of CARE, they would start playing games and participating in activities provided by CARE.

“The families are always really appreciative,” Kristen Linzmeier, CARE advisor and UW-W professor said.

Linzmeier and Rahn have been approached by parents that have run the race multiple years in a row. They are always excited to talk about the race and how wonderful the service of the Kids Korral is.

Linzmeier mentioned a couple that was able to run together for the first time since their children were born because the DWS provided the Kids Korral.

Both Rahn and Rynearson said they enjoyed working with the DWS team and the children on race day. Rynearson will work with the DWS for the 2018 race as she continues to work with CARE.

The DWS team is looking forward to working with UW-W and CARE once again for the 2018 DWS.

All children participating in the Kids Korral must register. The capacity is 70 children, 6 months to 10 years old for the Kids Korral.


Generac is a title sponsor for 2018

Generac Photo

Generac Power Systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of backup power, globally. Generac is also a title sponsor for the 2018 DWS.

This will be the second year in a row Generac has held this sponsorship level. The entire DWS team cannot wait to work with Generac again to make this year’s race a spectacular one!

Check out all the details about Generac’s sponsorship here.

2017 Banquet

J-Hawk Charity12UWW Athletic Charity
WWUSD charity1Bethel House charity W3 charity1


The Discover Whitewater Series Banquet was October 26 at the Whitewater Country Club.

At the banquet, the DWS team has the opportunity to give back to the community that hosts the race every year. This year the team donated $5,400 for a total of $27,000 to five local charities: Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, UW-Whitewater Athletics, Whitewater Unified School District, Bethel House and J-Hawk Aquatic Club.

Click here to read the full details of the DWS banquet.

Post Race News

Here at the Discover Whitewater Series office, we got together and discussed the 2017 DWS. Everyone was thrilled with the turn out this year. We had 700 participants, more than 350 volunteers and more than 90 sponsors!

Read the full details of the race here. And save the date for next year’s DWS, Sept. 23, 2018! We can’t wait to see you all out there again.