Faces Behind the Race

Meet Lauren!

Lauren is currently a Junior at UW-Whitewater majoring in Marketing with a Digital Marketing emphasis. She spends her time working for the race, contacting other races in the area to partner with and creating posts on our Facebook page. 

Lauren has the amazing opportunity to study and intern abroad in Dublin, Ireland this summer.

The DWS team will miss her dearly, but wishes her the best in her travels. Lucky for us, Lauren will be back just in time for the race!

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Free Childcare on Race Day

DWS is proud to announce that we will be hosting the Kids Korral for another year! 

Kids Korral is a FREE childcare service for the children of all runners and volunteers during the race day activities. Any child from the age of six months old to 10 years old is welcome to join! 

Kids Korral is made possible due to the combined efforts of UW-Whitewater’s College of Education & Personal Studies and UW-Whitewater’s Creative and Resourceful Educators. 

These two organizations come together to create a safe and enjoyable environment for kids, so parents are able to be worry free while they enjoy participating in the race day events.

Spots are limited, so don’t wait! Register here today! 

Brittney’s Last Day

Brittney McConnohie started working with the DWS team in April 2018. Just one short year later, she is finishing up her work with the team on May 10th and is looking for a digital marketing job in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Brittney has been a vital member to the DWS operations. In preparation for the race, she was responsible for marketing and promoting all aspects of the DWS on various media platforms.

On the day of the race, Brittney would be up bright and early to help make sure every last detail was perfect. Throughout the race day activities, Brittney would take pictures to ensure she captured every special moment and as many race participants as she could.

“I think I am definitely going to miss working alongside the different team leaders,” Team Leader Brittney McConnohie said.  “Aside from that though, I’m really going to miss seeing our charity partners benefit from all our hard work.”

We here at DWS wish Brittney the best as she graduates from UW-Whitewater and peruses her dream of becoming a digital marketer. Her hard work and passion will be missed!

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Kathrine Switzer and the Boston Marathon

Kathrine Switzer was born on January 5, 1947. Starting at a young age Switzer would run 1 mile every day, and upon reaching college she upped this to 3 miles a day.

In 1966, a male team track coach asked her to run the 880 and by the time she finished, Switzer had decided that she wanted to run competitively.Switzer competed in 220, 440 and 880 races but was often frustrated with women not being allowed to compete in longer distances.

With the help of Arnie Briggs, Kathrine Switzer started to train for the Boston Marathon. Despite women not being allowed to run, and her physically getting halted by an official, Switzer still went on to be the first woman to finish the race in 1967.

From here Kathrine Switzer went on to be an advocate for sports equality for women and even got the Boston Marathon to officially accept women runners in 1972. Thanks to her efforts, the Boston Marathon had 11,970 female participants compete in the 2019 race on April 15th. 

Today Switzer has competed in over 41 marathons and has been praised for her accomplishments by receiving many awards including being ranked the sixth fastest women in the world.

Kathrine Switzer has helped change the face of racing by proving that women are just as capable as men. To learn more about Kathrine Switzer’s life and accomplishments click here!​

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More Pacers

Exciting news for the 2019 race! We are adding eight more pacers for a total of 16!

The pacers will be running in groups of two during the half marathon. Having two pacers keep time together will ensure timing accuracy.

The two pacers that are running together will be switching off the pacer signs to give their hands a break.

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Whitewater Manufacturing – Title Sponsor

DWS is proud to announce that Whitewater Manufacturing will be a Title Sponsor for the seventh year in a row!

Whitewater Manufacturing is a fourth-generation family run business and the DWS team could not be happier to work with them yet again.

Last year with the help from Whitewater Manufacturing and other DWS sponsors, $27,500 was able to be raised and donated to DWS’s charity partners.

“The race provides a complete picture of Whitewater that includes the University, industries and the historical value that is Whitewater,” President Crystal Singer said. “Whitewater Manufacturing is proud to be apart of the DWS as it makes a noticeable difference within the City of Whitewater.”

DWS and all the charity partners are extremely grateful for all that is contributed by Whitewater Manufacturing. Their help has allowed DWS to connect with racers that it otherwise may have not been able to.

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Whitewater LEADS

Whitewater LEADS became a charity partner for the race in 2018. The non-profit organization established in 2015, is made up of city officials, UW-Whitewater faculty, business leaders and Whitewater Unified School District faculty who strive to support literacy and academic excellence throughout the Whitewater school district. 

One initiative Whitewater LEADS has implemented in the Greater Whitewater area to support literacy is the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL).

The DPIL was started in Dolly Parton’s home town and has spread rapidly to other states including Whitewater, WI. Whitewater LEADS started this program to send books to children five years of age and younger once a month. 

Last year, the DWS donated $5,500 to Whitewater LEADS. This year, the goal is to raise more money to support the literacy program.​

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Generac – Title Sponsor

The DWS has announced that Generac Power Systems will be a title sponsor for this year’s race!

Generac is celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary this year, and the DWS is excited to be part of this monumental year for them. The company is marking the occasion with events for employees and the communities surrounding their locations throughout the year. 

The DWS half marathon course runs close to Generac’s facility, located in the Whitewater Business Park. The DWS team worked closely with the company and many of its employees participated in the 2018 race. 

Check out the full details of Generac’s title sponsorship here

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Race Shirts

It is finally time to release the t-shirt designs for the 5K, Fit Kid Shuffle and the Kids Korral!

This years 5K t-shirt design will be printed on a red heather Gildan performance t-shirt. The heather shirts were a hit last year and we wanted keep them for the 2019 race.

The Fit Kid Shuffle shirts are going to printed on a bright blue shirt so the kids will stand out while running the mile race.

Mint green is the color for this years Kids Korral shirts. This beautiful color is perfect for kids of all ages!

The final shirt being released is the volunteer shirt! Volunteers will be wearing a bright safety orange t-shirt so that they are easy to find!

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Meet Jen!

Jen is the team leader in charge of registration for the DWS. This includes managing RunSignUp.com, creating discount codes, supervising on-site registration and coordinating with various team leaders to ensure race day goes smoothly. 

Managing registration efficiently is important for both the participants and the team leaders. With Jen’s exceptional organization skills and motivation, she is the perfect person for the job! 

“When I first began to work on the Discover Whitewater Series Project in 2012 (when it was just a conversation) it was to represent W3 in a community partnership, however since then it has become so much more,” said Jen. “To me it is about changing lives no matter what role you play in DWS.”

Registration is the heart of the race. It is the step that participants take to start their journey with the DWS, and Jen is with them every step of the way. Her dedication to the race and all those involved has made an ongoing impression.

“I think of all the first-time participants who create training goals of participating in a 5k or half marathon, to those who want to earn another half marathon medal, to the fun energy of kiddos raring up and ready to go on the Fit Kid Shuffle start line wearing t-shirts that go down past their knees and animals painted on their faces, to ultimately the DWS Charity Partners that sometimes cannot even express their words of thanks and gratitude of how life changing the donations will bring to their organizations,” said Jen. “Changing lives is what we have done, and will continue to do. I am happy to be a part of the DWS journey with so many great people.”

The DWS is lucky to have Jen as a team leader and advocate. 

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