Money Smarts with Bethel House

Bethel House is a local Whitewater charity that focuses on providing various forms of support to people in need.

At Bethel House, they understand that for families to be self-efficient, they need the skills to make well informed financial decisions. This is why Bethel House created “Money Well-Being: Taking charge of your finances and thriving.”

This is Bethel House’s new program that address issues specifically related to low income families. 

“We work with folks from our local banks to help create this six-lesson curriculum complete with videos and workbooks,” Bethel House board member Bev Bonge-Ganser explains. ” We’re excited to launch this new program in the fall.”

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Story of the Bethel House

DWS will also be dedicating Bethel House as this year’s non-profit organization. 

Bethel House was first created after a local doctor found out one of his patient had been living in a camper. Shortly after he started pulling together different churches and sought out to help Whitewater locals that were in need.

Today, Bethel house offers a variety of different services to those who are insolvent. Such services include temporary housing, debt repayment, budgeting, counseling, resume building, life skills development and more. 

“What I’ve learned is our phone number is people’s first call for help,” Bethel House board member Bev Bonge-Ganser said.

For families who are hitting a rough spot, Bethel House can be an instrumental turning point for them. The members of Bethel House work diligently to evaluate every person’s situation and specifically cater a plan that they feel will be the most beneficial to each applicant.

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Call Bethel House for Support – DWS Charity Partner

In addition to supporting seven residences for families facing homelessness, Bethel Houseprovides a one-time monetary assist to families facing a financial bump in the road.  

Most of these assists are between $100-$400 toward a specific bill and allows the family to get over the hump and back on track.  Each month, depending on the availability of funds, Bethel House can assist 5-10 families with this type of support. 

For many families, a series of setbacks can lead them to call Bethel House for support.  These can include losing a job or getting reduced hours, a reduction in benefits such as Food Share, an illness or medical need, a car breaking down, or a divorce situation.  

For families living pay check to pay check, any of these circumstances can be devasting. Having Bethel House for support can be life changing.  For Bethel House, being a charity partner with DWS literally changes lives.​

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New logo for Bethel House

Bethel House, our featured charity partner, has a new logo to kick off its 25th year of providing hope and support to Whitewater struggling families.

The tree is an important feature of the logo. Bethel House is deeply rooted into the Whitewater community. Because it receives no government funding, Bethel House depends on community support and donations.  

Bethel House provides shelter for families either in the form of housing or financial assistance and helps families grow in their independence and hope for a more stable and promising future.

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Bethel House’s 25th Anniversary

The 2019 DWS is dedicated to Bethel House’s 25th anniversary! 

Bethel House is a valued charity partner of the race. They help families with children in the City of Whitewater who need temporary housing or financial help. 

The temporary housing program offers benefits that help families get back on their feet. Families will have the opportunity to pay off debt, learn how to budget, create resumes, job search and more.

Families are able to stay in one of seven of Bethel House’s temporary housing options for up to a year. After the year is over, or the family decides they are okay to leave, they are able to take what they learned and start building a better life. 

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Working for a Healthy Whitewater Today

DWS is proud to announce our continued charity partner, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, Inc (W3)!

W3 is a Whitewater based organization that strives to increase the community’s life expectancy and quality of life. 

Some of the projects W3 is working on are encouraging more people to garden, DWS’s Fit Kid Shuffle and increasing the publics education about health and wellness resources. 

To learn more about all the great things that W3 is doing for the community, click here.

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Thank You Sponsors

DWS would like to give a special thank you to all our sponsors this past year. As we start to further focus on this year’s race, we wanted to again share our gratitude to the sponsors that helped us in the 2018 DWS.

The generosity from our sponsors directly helps our local charity partners and we would not be able to put together the DWS without all your combined efforts!

Moving onto this year’s race, we are proud to present the new DWS valued sponsor sign!

These signs will be shown off at DWS sponsor’s properties in and around Whitewater. If you see one, be sure to give the sponsor an extra big thank you for helping our community.

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Race Day – Sooner than You Think

It’s important that leading up to the race you are training properly to help avoid injury. Here are some tips on how to properly train in preparation for race day:

1. Keep a runner’s log. This could be things like how far you run, how fast you run, your future goals and how you felt after training.

2. Don’t push yourself too hard! Pushing your body can have an aversive effect. Be sure to not increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent and listen to your body.

3. Remember to rest. Only run three to four days each week and try to alternate hard days with easier ones. It is also important to remember to take one day completely off every week.

4. Don’t just train by running. Try strength and cross-training to help build other muscle groups. Strength training could be things like lifting weights, yoga and pilates. Cross-training could include swimming, cycling and rowing. 

Taking all of this into mind while you are training for DWS can better your overall performance and help you avoid injury. To learn more marathon training tips, read the full article here

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Fort HealthCare – Title Sponsor

Fort HealthCare has recommitted as a DWS title sponsor for the seventh year in a row!

Striving to provide the best consistent health care, Fort HealthCare’s ambition is for their community to become the healthiest in Wisconsin.

Activity and fitness are considered preventive measures for fighting illnesses. Fort HealthCare understands that prevention, early detection and wellness provide the leading course of action for managing diseases.

This is why the Fort HealthCare team advocates that the public try and live their healthiest lifestyle and why they encourage their employees to participate or volunteer for the DWS.

The sponsorship from Fort HealthCare helps DWS support its five local Whitewater charity partners: Bethel House, Whitewater LEADS, Working for Whitewater’s Wellness, Whitewater Unified School District and the J-Hawk Aquatic Club.

DWS is grateful for Fort HealthCare’s extended sponsorship. The DWS team looks forward to working alongside Fort HealthCare again in the future.

To learn more about Fort HealthCare click here and don’t forget to sign up for DWS!

Calling all Superheroes!

Swoop into action by attending W3’s Fit Kid Shuffle!

The DWS team is excited to announce its first ever superhero themed one-mile fun run! Check in is before 9 a.m. and take off is scheduled for 9:15 a.m. on race day (Sept. 22).

This FREE event is welcome to all children ages six months old to 10 years old! Every child attending will receive a race day pancake breakfast ticket, a free T-shirt, an Aquatic Center pass, access to the activity zone, healthy sacks and a finishers medal.

W3 made a short video that visualized some of the Fit Kid Shuffle activities, click here to view the clip!

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