Bethel House, the race and the community


The Bethel House is an important organization in the Whitewater Community but not many know what they do.

The Bethel House provides interim housing for homeless families in Whitewater with children for up to one year. They assist families with utilizing various social services to transition them back to independent housing.

“It’s so well known in town, it means that often we have fewer cases of people becoming homeless because people know that there is someplace they can call,” said Board Vice President, Jim Winship. “Most communities our size don’t have that.”

Executive Director, Kristy Weinburg has made so many strides and has made continuous improvements to help the Bethel House and the community.

“Our rebuild program is new, it’s families learning to manage their money which includes budgeting, saving, things like that so that they’re in a better position in life,” said Weinburg.

The Discover Whitewater Series helps the community with having the opportunity to donate to organizations like the Bethel House.

“We couldn’t do a lot of what we do without the Discover Whitewater Series that has just been a blessing beyond,” said Board President, Bev Ganser.

The race has many supportive volunteers; they make all the difference when it comes to cheering on particpants and bringing together the community.

“We provide entertainment and we are big on signs throughout the route, that’s our big thing,” said Ganser.

The donation the Discover Whitewater Series is able to provide to the Bethel House and other organizations helps them grow and gain more ground as they have the funds to be able to do more.

“Having humorous signs and having balloons, having all that is just great,” said Winship. “We feel good about what we do, the community feels good about that.”

Donations can be made directly to Bethel House by contacting Kristy Weinburg or during registration.

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