2018 Race Day Parking and Shuttles

Parking Graphic







Parking for the DWS is free and easy! Check out the available parking locations below.

Shuttles will start at 6 a.m. and will run every 20 minutes fromthe middle school, and campus to the high school through 12:30 p.m.

High School

Whitewater High School is the closest location to the start of the race. Participants will be able to enter the high school from Elizabeth Street and the West entrance until 8 o’clock. After 8 o’clock, due to the path the race takes, participants will only be able to use the West etrance.

Middle School

Whitewater Middle School will have available parking in the main lot, the loop, and along Melrose, Laurel, Court and Kay Streets. There are two handicapped spots in the main lot. A shuttle bus will pick up and drop off participants at the loop and to the high school.

UW-W Campus

Campus parking includes UW-W Center of the Arts (CA) lot, Laurentide Lot and along Prince Street. There are handicap parking spots available in the CA parking lot. A shuttle bus will pick up and drop off participants from the front door of the CA, to the high school.

View the parking map here.

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