Discover Whitewater Series Race Day Details

Logo - Dec 22nd 2M runner (thicker) _Page_1The Greater Whitewater Committee (GWC), will debut their inaugural Discover Whitewater Series on Sep. 22, 2013. The series will feature a Half Marathon, Half Marathon Relay, 5k and Fit Kid Shuffle through scenic and tranquil Whitewater. The course maps for all racing events have now been released and are available to view on the website.  Other important details related to race weekend have been recently updated.  Visit for more information!

REGISTRATION – available online until September 18, 2013 and onsite during the pre-race dinner Saturday the 21st AND starting at 6:00 a.m. race day.

COURSE INFORMATION – course information including course maps, road closures and parking maps have been updated. Copies of final maps will be available at packet pick up and onsite race day.

PACKET PICK UP – Pre-registered participants have two opportunities to pick up their packets!

GEAR CHECK – is available for all registered participants

DETAILED RACE WEEKEND TIMELINE – available online now! Minor details subject to change. Copies of final timelines will be available race day.

POST RACE EVENTS – there are many activities going on throughout the morning.  Many open to the public!

AWARDS CEREMONY – will take place at 10:15 a.m. race day. All finishers, including all events, will receive a finishers’ medal.  Additional prizes and awards will be given to top finishers in different categories.

VOLUNTEERS – Volunteers still needed!  Registration for volunteers is available at the website along with other details important for race day.  Volunteer check in will start at 6:00 a.m. race day.

SPECTATORS – information related to spectator parking, road closures and shuttle services available, along with our Buy a Bell! program.

We are looking forward to a great event and offering a fun, safe course for runners and walkers!  All proceeds from this event will benefit FIVE local charities.  Hope to see you there!


Support the Cause!

DWS Bell Sale Sheet

Not everyone is a runner or walker! There are many ways to help support the Discover Whitewater Series. BUY A BELL! For just $5, the bells can be used to cheer on participants along the course.  Course details, including route maps, road closures, and parking will be available on the website soon!

To purchase a bell, please visit one of three locations:

The Whitewater Chamber of Commerce/Whitewater Tourism Council  150 W. Main Street

The City of Whitewater, Finance Window  312 W. Whitewater Street, 1st Floor Finance Department

Daniels’ Sentry Foods  1260 W. Main Street

For information on the do’s and don’ts of being the best spectator you can be on September 22 click here to read a blog post from Runner’s World on this very issue!.

Training for Your Victory!

Jenna Singer headshot

by Jenna Schwalbach

Training is the key to strong, injury free running for all levels. Training is more than just running, though. It includes stretching, understanding cross training, and yes even rest. Often the best place to start is setting a goal. Do you want to cross the finish line, complete the race without walking, meet a certain time/pace, or come in first place! Once you have your goal set you will want to put together a schedule dictating what types of workouts you will preform on what days and over how many weeks. This can be an intimidating process. A great resource to create a training schedule for a half-marathon  is . Hal Higdon is an extremely experienced runner and writer, and in this website he includes not only training schedules for all levels but also a quick guide to running lingo, cross training, and resting.

One of the things that makes putting together a schedule intimidating is seeing workouts two to three weeks before the race. These runs tend to be long, fast, and tough. It’s important to remember if you keep up with runs at the beginning of training you will be well equipt to complete more intense workouts later. Also, running is more a mental sport than physical. The human body is amazing and can be pushed hard with a balance of rest, nutrition, and movement. Finding small but effective ways to motivate and at times distract yourself from fatigue will keep you on track. For example, if you are dreading a long run on a particular day bring your favorite snack to refuel, listen to up beat music, or have a friend tag along (even if they ride a bike while you run).

Some runners like to mix up training with activities other than running. This type of cross training can be included if done strategically and not in addition to the running schedule. It is important to not over train the body as results will decline and injury is more likely. Usually you can substitute an easy day of running, for example a four mile run just under race pace, with maybe a bike ride or swim. Some runners choose to include cross training that is lower impact to help joints rest. Cross training can also come in handy to work through an injury without completely stopping training. (Important note: trust your body. If something feels “off” or hurts a little too much for a little too long get it checked out.) A great option is an elliptical if you have access. You can change the resistance and even pedal backwards for an extra challenge. This way you use similar movements but are putting much less stress on your body and/or an injury site.

Rest is another very important component of training. Proper rest helps ensure you are not over training and are less likely to incur injury. For some runners it is important to note that rest means no running or other serious physical activity. There are times when taking a short walk or stretching on a rest day are appropriate. Again training is all about balance. Stopping all activity on a rest day could create tight, sore muscle depending on the intensity of a run the day before. Stretching can help alleviate some of the soreness.

Stretching can be as individual as a training schedule. Stretching is best done after warming up the muscles. To warm up you could run a short distance (one quarter to one half mile); do running drills like high knees and butt kicks (; or some novice runners prefer walking. There are actually four different types of stretching, but I will not bore you with a wikipedia explanation of each. Basically, you can stretch through movement or static tension of a particular muscle. Find what works for you. Most runners I know often use a combination of movement and static stretches before a run and then prefer more static stretches after a run. Just a side note, there is controversy surrounding stretching including the best type and effectiveness. If you are interested in learning more and/or need a guide check out . Just remember to stretch both before and after activity. Sometimes icing after stretching can make a huge difference in how your muscles feel the next day. That’s right, ice is not just for injuries but also recovery; check out both of these sites for a balanced approach to icing a non injury  and .

The take home message here is that training can be fun and easy if you put together a schedule and think about more than just the miles you get in on the road. Good luck and stay committed!.

The Newest Component to our Race Series: Team Challenge

Why not Run.Walk.Fun with friends, neighbors, coworkers, or family members? We recently revealed a new race component that we hope will encourage folks to team up for the Discover Whitewater Series called Team Challenge.

The rules are simple and we made registering as easy as possible for folks wanting to work on their running/health goals. Of course, team names, family friendly costumes, and coordinated outfits are encouraged!

Here’s the scoop: a team consists of 10 people including one “captain.” Once a team has registered they will receive a special motivational packet and thank you gift! Team members can participate in the half marathon or the 5K. Team registration closes September 8. Aside from the other perks we offer to all runners (goody bag, finisher awards, registration at pre/post race events) team members will receive weekly emails with motivational tips, nutritional information, etc, race day photo of the whole team, a special post-race area designated just for teams, and companies/organizations with 30 or more team members will receive recognition on a Team Challenge banner that will be up during the post-race festivities!

Complete details are here. Hope to see your team registered soon!.

Resources for Newbie Runners


by Kelly Davis

Thanks so much for your interest in the Discover Whitewater Series! I’m thrilled to be part of the race’s marketing committee and hope you have a great race day experience. On this blog you’ll hear from very experienced, fast, and talented runners and those folks will share enormously helpful knowledge with you, but my perspective will be very different.

I’ve been running just under three years and am a proud middle/back of the packer! I have completed a handful of races — a couple of 5ks/10ks, the Fort Atkinson Half Marathon twice, and the Milwaukee and Chicago marathons.

If you are new to running or searching for newbie resources — here are some resources I’d suggest:

Couch to 5K There are a variety of Couch to 5K programs – a quick web search will yield a ton of options. After our second child was born, I knew I needed to get in shape, and I started with this program and haven’t looked back. Note – it’s very helpful to have a Couch to 5K smart phone app (there are several competing apps available), which will let you know when it’s time to run/walk/stop, etc.

Training Program: Jeff Galloway and his Run/Walk/Run method of walk/run intervals is especially instructive if someone is new to running or recovering from injury. Jeff is a former Olympian, and when I’ve had questions about the training program, his staff have been very accessible and helpful.  He’s written several books.  Or, if you’d rather listen than read about his program, the “Extra-Mile Podcast Galloway” edition is very informative.

Another Mother Runner: This is a great site for mothers who run. The two mothers who run this site share their different perspectives about running. You can access a blog, e-newsletter, podcast, and very active Facebook page.

Mile Markers: Though she hasn’t been posting lately this blog by Kristin Armstrong (Lance Armstrong’s former wife) is well worth reading for her tidbits of wisdom and insights into running ups and downs.

Runner’s World: I began to feel like a “real” runner after this magazine started arriving in my mail box. I read it every month and find it to be a great resource. If you aren’t interested in subscribing, our local public library has copies available.

Until next time…happy running! Hope these resources are helpful. If you’ve got any of your own, I’d love to hear about them. Please comment below..

Meet Our Race Director!

marathon 21
Stacey Kincaid, Race Director

As a native of Whitewater, WI who has had the opportunity to see many other places in the country and the world, I always return feeling more grateful and appreciative of the small, connected community culture Whitewater provides.

Some of my most vivid and important memories are related to running, but mostly it’s the people and programs in Whitewater that shaped me as a person, which fostered my love for the sport of running.

After high school I ran collegiately at UW Whitewater and enjoyed many successes, met many wonderful people and enjoyed being a University of Whitewater, Wisconsin Warhawk. After college and working 7 years in executive management, all the while leaving running on the back burner, I made the decision to transition my life’s work to an unlikely job: a full time mother. Frankly, it was a decision I never thought I would make, but came to love. This decision impacted me in many ways and provided to be a more challenging role than I anticipated, but also afforded me time to enjoy my love of running once again. Shortly after the birth of my 1st son I ran my first marathon and the rest is history.

Now as a mother of a 2 and 5 year old, homemaker, and race director, I take time for myself to go for a run every day.  Just like all of us, balance is never truly achieved with the demands of family, work and life, but remains a constant goal.  Bottom line: I would not change the chaos of coordinating it all, with my running, for anything!

It’s simply a gift:  the opportunity to run every day. No matter the time of day, too tired, feel good or not, I do it. I realize I’m lucky in so many ways to have the health, support and understanding from my family, and ability to get my shoes on to enjoy time to run each day.

Running to me is:  breaking through barriers, setting new goals, the path along the way, losing my way, and finding myself again. The outdoor beauty, the friendships made, the goals accomplished, and an example set for my boys. Never give up, live healthy, work hard, enjoy every mile and step along the way. When I can, I run with my husband and my children, which is even more fulfilling! I live to run!

Next to my wedding day and birth of my children, finishing my first marathon was a life changing event.  It was the moment I knew that I can do anything-push through physical and mental barriers and prevail! My wish is that everyone find meaning and energy that comes from being active. So, if just one person has a breakthrough moment of the mind and body connection and sense of empowerment running can provide, than I will feel I have added value to this project.

The Discover Whitewater Series (DWS) series of races is a fun and exciting platform for all people, abilities, and walks of life, to enjoy time being active with one another in a great community. It’s also a chance to showcase what an exceptional community we have, to our visiting participants.

I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a group of incredibly dedicated individuals on the Discover Whitewater Series race committee to organize such an amazing opportunity for our city. The support of DWS has been overwhelmingly positive and our DWS race crew is so grateful. I hope to see you for all the Discover Whitewater Series weekend events and on race day September 22, 2013.



Meet Our Bloggers!

Run Whitewater!  Only 169 days until race day!  We are excited for the upcoming Discover Whitewater Series on September 22, 2013.  Time sure does fly when you are getting ready for a big event!  As we spring into action, we would like to introduce you to some of our featured bloggers.  Stay connected through our blog as we begin to share our stories, training tips, nutrition information and important race updates.  You may also follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


Kelly Davis “Newbie” Runner

Kelly Davis is a thirty-something mother of two who lives in Whitewater. She’s been running for under three years, has previously run the Chicago and Milwaukee Marathons and the Ft. Atkinson Half.  She is currently training for a half marathon in April. On this blog she’ll share the perspective of a newbie runner who tries to juggle running, working and motherhood.


Jenna Singer headshot

Jenna Singer Distance Runner

Jenna has been running for the past 12 years starting on her high school cross country team. During college she continued competing in 5K and then 6K races. After her final collegiate season a former teammate challenged her to the 10 mile Lighthouse run in Racine, Wisconsin.  This was by far the most difficult race she had done, but left her with the desire to master the challenge of longer distances. When not running or at work Jenna can be found enjoying delicious food and drink in downtown Whitewater with her husband.

Traci HeadshotTraci Wilson, RD, CD Nutritionist

Traci has had an interest in fitness and nutrition since a young age, which is why she decided to become a Registered Dietitian over 17 years ago.  As a dietitian, she has worked in a variety of positions related to wellness and nutrition education.  Traci has run in multiple shorter distance races throughout the years.  In recent years, she has become interested in sprint triathlons and is now training for longer distance events like the half marathon.  Traci LOVES food, to cook, and to keep things simple (or at least try with a husband and three kids)!.

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Discover Whitewater Series CARA Emerging Race

The Discover Whitewater Series is pleased to announce that is has applied for and received the Chicago Area Runners Association designation as a CARA EMERGING RACE.  This means that we have agreed to adhere to and uphold CARA’s Best Practices Guidelines.  These Guidelines embody the highest standards for quality, safety and comfort for participants in a road race.

We are honored to have received this designation from CARA and look forward to bringing you a quality race on September 22nd.  The half marathon general route map with mile markers is now available online (course certification is pending) with more detailed maps coming soon!  Be sure to register now for the half marathon and half marathon relay!  Registration for the Be Active Today! 5K and Fit Kid Shuffle is also open.


Due to CARA’s advocacy efforts, runners in the Chicagoland area enjoy some of the highest quality road races in the country.  To view the Guidelines and to learn more about CARA, visit

Emerging Race Logo

The Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding, motivating, supporting and celebrating the running community of Chicagoland.  CARA connects runners to resources that enable them to run – farther, faster, better, for life.


Welcome to the Discover Whitewater Series!

Welcome to the Discover Whitewater Series (DWS)!  The Greater Whitewater Committee is looking forward to having you during its first annual half-marathon on September 22, 2013.  The DWS Planning & Organizing Committee, along with Race Director, Stacey Kincaid, have established a well organized, challenging and fun event that the entire family will enjoy.  To learn more about the event, to register, and to keep in touch with us, please visit our website READ FULL POST